Donation for Ukraine

Donation for Ukraine


Stand with Ukraine!

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Since 3rd day of war, we're driving to Ukraine to “pick up” people. Now we are at next level - we buy drugs and food, here in Poland and personally transport all to e.g. Charkiv Onkology Center (Харьковский областной центр онкологии). Taking children, women and olders from cities "on the way" to Warsaw and arranging final destinations. We know of many places in Ukraine that won't survive without our help. Any of Your support is part of live saving humanitarian aid so please don’t stop!

For any donation, we get back to You with track record of specific transport operation – from google locations, thru delivered items list and destinations to number of Ukrainian individuals taken to Poland and located in safe places. These stories You need to know…

 You will also receive a symbol of our appreciation:

  1. Beauty Capsule cosmetic masks set or
  2. Virusee Antigen Covid Rapid Test 20pcs. box.

Please donate any amount to 4BIO Maciej Onufruk:

1.Millennium Bank IBAN: PL98116022020000000507630013 BIC: BIGBPLPW

2.Revolut IBAN: LT523250071731211334 BIC: REVOLT21

3.Revolut.me/maciejsu63 Thank You♥️