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How to use


  • This is a Mask pack Maker that canmake high-end hydrogel mask anywhereand at any time.

  • You can make your own natural maskto fit your skin condition by adding materials that match your skin type or skin condition.


  • It is possible to makemask with an easy and convenientway at home just in 5 minutes.

  • The Mask made of Beauty Gel with natural ingredientswithout preservative and chemicalis not only healthy and freshbut safe.

  • This is D.I.Y product which could add functional liquid materials such as toner, essence, and fruit juiceand so on, so that can take care of the skin.


  • Pour hot water into a cup up to the watergradation and put 1 pc of Beauty Gel and press power button. Ifthere is something you want, add functional ingredient. Apply the finished maskon any parts of face and body. Please refer to ‘How to use’for details.